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Has sex become a chore for you?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Has sex become a chore for you? Have you lost the excitement? As you get further away from the glory days of being in a new relationship, sex tends to take a back seat. Although you are committed to each other, the hustle and bustle of your daily lives usually takes over as a priority. For a relationship to succeed it requires both parties to make an effort even when they don't feel like it, pleasuring each other is also part of that. Making sure you both feel sexy and desired should always be a priority.

Signs that sex has become a chore for you

You'll be amazed to know that over 44 percent of the women that participated in a recent survey indicated that sex has become a chore for them. Some of the most common reasons were that women found it hard to shift gear from being a mother to being a partner. Also, a larger group of women were worried about getting pregnant again. For them, sex has moved from pleasure to an act of procreation. Here are some key indicators that determine if sex has just become an item on your daily check list.

1. When you compare having sex with your partner during the early phases of your relationship versus now,has it become a routine task?

2. Have you stopped initiating the act? Or are you do you have zero sex drive? If the answer to these questions is yes, it is a clear indicator that sex has become a chore for you.

3. During the act of having sex, if you just want to get it over with and catch up on some sleep, know that it is a sign too.

4.You prefer masturbation over having sex with your partner is another indicating factor.

What can you do to make sex more exciting?

To help you get the fun back again and make sex more exciting, we have some expert tips. When you consult a relationship therapist to spice up your sex life, they'll probably ask you to communicate and explore sexual fantasies. Most couples become uncomfortable instantly and refrain from sharing such information. The fact of the matter is that sharing sexual fantasies with your partner can add playfulness and an element of fun. It's alright to step outside your comfort zone and enjoy a good role play.

One of the most common concerns is that your partner wants to have sex but you are exhausted. Although you may want to please your partner, you may not necessarily feel up to it. There's no easy solution for this. But, start making time for yourself, find 'me time'. Also, be affectionate with your partner. Affection is not just about sex, it could be a simple kiss or even a stroke of hair.

Sometimes even the simplest of things could make your sex life better. For instance, you could sext your partner with a specific directive. Take a five-minute shower before bed and even have some sex toys handy.

Sex is undoubtedly an important aspect of having a successful relationship. If it has become a chore to you, it's time to find out why. Spend time to learn about each other's sexual fantasies and exploring new ways to deepen the bond.

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