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Sex afer a baby

Have you recently had a beautiful baby? Congratulations if so! There is absolutely nothing more fulfilling or wonderful than being a Mum or a dad. However as As wonderful as motherhood is, it's exhausting and a huge upheaval in your life. It can be hard to juggle all the elements of yourself - motherhood, your partner, "you", your sex life! You have less time and more to do and as a new mum its hard to get into a routine. Sex after a baby does go pretty far down your "to do list', but you have to be careful not lock it out of your life for good.You have to give yourself the space and time to heal, but you and your partner have to carve out time for each other.

Sex after a baby

Dont expect everything to go back to normal straight away. Physically and emotionally, motherhood is a big thing!

Initiating intimacy again

Speaking of which, if you or your partner wants to invite intimacy after a baby back in, it's important to go slow and to be kind. Don't rush and don't presure. The person in the relationship that as not given birth has to patient, as your partner may not be ready and may be physically or mentally uncomfortable.

Space and time

It is essential to provide your spaceand time. Sex after a baby is another phase in your intimate journey. It will change, but that does not mean it has to be a nagative thing, it will just be different.

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