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Sex after the Menopause

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

The truth about sex after menopause

Women often feel uneasy when the subject of the menopause comes up. From my own personal experience, it's because it's different for every woman and it's hard to articulate what is going in your own body and mind to yourself, let alone to anyone else. Just when we have more time, children have flown or are about to fly the nest, we know who we are, the menopause hits! It's a very challeging time, full of changes in your body, mind and emotions. For the women herself it is hard to know what is going on and it can be confusing and sometimes difficult for those around you.

However having said all of that, the menopause does not mean the end of your intimate life. The menopause does not spell the end of your sex life. This is a myth if ever there was one! You maybe changing but you still feel, desire and need pleasure. Sex after the menopause may infact be something you become more interested in.

The reality is that a satisfying sex life does not vanish with time. It may even become more pleasurable. You are finally free of contraception, fear of unwanted pregnancies, and probably more secure in your own skin.

This does not mean that this is not a time withoutissues! Period pains and periods themselves are over but there are other things to deal with. The need for more lubrication and in some cases quite painful vaginal dryness, but there are thankfully many lubricating products available and many to try, so you can figure out what you prefer.

The menopause is different for every woman, each woman feels differently mentally and physically. The experience is unique to you, but one thing is for sure it does not spell the end of your intimate life, it may in fact be the start of a new and exciting chapter in your life!

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