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Sex toys solo or in a couple?

Listen to this fantastic new Podcast Sharing My Truth. You may rethink sex toys!

Here is an excerpt from this hilarious new podcast. Tune in!

Mel: Because what I want to talk about today is, like, I'm as we said, I'm 50. When I was younger, it was still very, like, weird to buy sex toys I don't think anybody talked about it. I can't think of anybody who talked about it. When I was in my 20s or teens and there was nowhere to buy a vibrator or *****. I've had a very peculiar life. And when I was a teenager, I lived in Rome, in Italy, and I remember once seeing them in this I think I've told you this story in this hardware store. So sort of on the one side, there were hammers and drills, and this is in the window, and on the.

Suzie: Other side you could drill yourself.

Mel: Exactly. Yeah. You can't be a young woman and go into, oh, yes, sir, should I buy a hammer or Dildo? I mean, it's just not happening. Or they'd be these really sort of seedy shops. Or with these men with sort of greasy ponytails and inevitably they have sort of cowboy boots, the whole pop belly. I mean, just not what you want!

Suzie: Not very relaxing!

Mel: About talking about the inner workings of your ******** with a man like that. So I don't think people just didn't I mean, didn't buy or if they bought them, it was kind of on the sly and everyone would giggle about it. I remember years ago, a bunch of my friends going to this sex store, and it was called something ridiculous, like erotica, and it was, like, pervy in terms of who it was meant to appeal to. It was just like, not for women. And they thought it was hilarious and they went around and that was basically what it was. It was not this mainstream like today, this idea of self care.

Listen to the full episode

Sharing My Truth Podcast

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