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The Truth And Lies About Modern Feminism and 50/50 Relationships

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Has modern feminism failed women? The truth and the lies about modern feminism, what are they? Today we live in a world where there is in fact very little choice for women. For the most part there is no choice, to work, not to work, work part-time. Life, accommodation, food costs require two salaries in most major Western cities. Does anyone have a 50/50 relationship? Is it possible?

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50/50 in relationships

Modern Feminism What is the truth? Feminism in the 70s fought hard to give women choices and to rid the workplace of misogyny. The misogyny of the past of course still exists but it is not as pervasive as it used to be, but are the choices still there?

Being a modern woman adn 50/50 relationships It is so hard being a "modern woman" and many women are exhausted trying to be "all things to all people". Are we forcing oppressive expectations on ourselves that not all women want? Are we gatekeeping idealogy? Have we as women misunderstood the difference between equity and balance in a relationship? Are women today being punished, having to do it all and not being able to? Are we gate keeping certain ideologies, even though we don't actually want them? Listen to Mel and Suzie and their generational differences are there any? Mel's Facts I think we have a fundamental misundertanding betwen equity and balance. In terms of equity and 50/50 in relationships, most woman don't have one and do they want one? 1. The US still does not provide any form paid maternity. This does differ vastly from Canada or Western Europe, but it is an example of serious inequity. 2. Harassement in public places in still a big issue for women. 3. Women generally still do about twice as many household domestic chores compared to men. Source - Listen to the Episode

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