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Sexual Health 

What do we mean by sexual health?

Sexual health covers a wide range of issues from your sexuality, your gender indentity, sexual expression, sexual dysfuntion, desire, arousal, pleasure and many more. The question is what are the issues that are relevant to you as an individual.


What is preventing or blocking you from having the healthy and happy sex life that you desire? Are you ignoring something, shut yourself down from something you do not understand.


Asking yourself the following questions and then speak to your partner(s) if that is relevant. It will help you to start on a journey of sexual healing, happiness and fulfillment.

Do you ask yourself any of the following questions?

  • Do you need solutions for sexual dysfunction?

  • Are you interested in exploring new things?

  • Do you need to discover your sexuality?

  • Are you unsure as to why your sex life is missing something?

  • Are you struggling with communication?

  • Are you ready for change?

  • Are there things about your sexuality you do not understand?

  • Is your sexuality changing?

If the answer is YES, you are in the right place!

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