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The Truth About Fantasies

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This week Mel and Suzie talk about fantasies in their episode. What are they? Does everyone have them? Fantasies can be sexual or romantic or both and most people have them. Women fantasize as much as men, but they fantasize about different things. Also women's fantasies will depend on where they are in their monthly cycle. Did you know that?

Sharing My Truth Episode About Fantasies

Pushing the needle on the shame dial

Mel and Suzie talk about removing the judgement and pushing the needle on the shame dial. If you want to share your fantasies with your partner do, but if there are some which are just for you, that is ok too. If you have a new and different fantasy and you suddenly share it after years of being together, your partner may be surprised, so communicating it is key. That is if you want to share it. Also have some fun, remember sex, fantasises are meant to be fun. The Range of Fantasies

As always there are some funny stories and Mel and Suzie have a great discussion. They have some interesting facts, some humour and how they both see it differently.They talk about the broad range of fantasies and what the main fantasy categories are. Most of us have fantasies that stay fantasies and they can differ a lot from our actual sexual lifestyle. Don't "freak out", it doesn't mean anything. Sex is meant to be fun Sex is meant to be fun, pleasurable and relaxing. It is not meant to be a performance. Fantasies are meant to be fun and most of them stay right there in fantasy land! Mel's Facts 1. We are busting the myth that men have more fantasies than women. Check out this article 2. When a woman ovulates, she has more sexual fantasies due to a spike in libido from the rise in testosterone. 3. In the first half of a woman's cycle as the estrogen rises, your fantasies are more focused on the actual physical attributes of your fantasy partner. Listen to the episode

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