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Sexual Play

Sexual Play Together

The couple that plays together does actually very often stay together. Having fun together is healthy and satisfyung for you and yoru partner. When you experience something together it strengthens the bonds of your relatiosnhip. Sharing and showing your partner how much you desire them by sharing your fantasies, sexy dreams and desire strengthens  your relationshio and it's fun!

Having fun together and making your partner your priority and the centre of your desire is very sexy.  Discovering and exploring new and fun ways to play together fun and great stress relif. It could be sexy scrabble, sexting, role play or more, whatever it is,  keep it hot and keep it fun together.

Sex is meant to be fun and should be about you and your partner and how can have hot, sexy fun together. Enjoying the process of dreaming and fantasizing about what you can do together is also fun. To be a happy and fulfilled in  your life there has to be pleasure. Pleasure can take many forms alone or together, whatever you prefer it has to take priority in yur life.T

Think about writing a bucket list. Have you ever thought about these ideas:

  1. Is there something you never thought you would do but secretly always wanted to try

  2. A couples massage

  3. Role play

  4. Sex in a new location 

  5. Getting hot and bothered but not having sex

  6. Sharing fantasies

  7. Using adult toys together

  8. Reverse roles

  9. Buying sexy lingerie

  10. Doing some sexy shopping together

Sex toys for mind-blowing orgasms

You do not have to have any limit to the amount of sex toys your own. This is a totally personal thing and you should have as many as you want and not feel any shame at all !If you like them and they bring you pleassure, buy them. Have a selection, a collection for different kind of pleasure, whether its tohether or alone, Have some fun discovering what  you like and what you and your partner enjoy. Try things out, not everything will work, but you will not know what you like it you don't try. Adult toys heighten pleasure and intimacy and open you up to exploration and adventure together. Start by browsing online together from the comfort of your own bed. You might just choose to just stay in bed for your next date night! 

Being an oral sex expert

Oral sex can definately be one of the most pleasurable parts ofintimacy but so many of us don't think about our technique or think that's it an expertise that you can keep improving. Try different things, watch adult content and movies to get ideas, try different positions, mix it up and introduce toys. Make sure you keep it fun that is key. It's an insane turn-on. Be enthusiastic, it's super hot! Mix up your oral, move around, try different positions and introduce toys. Just remember to be enthousiastic, totally into it and work on your skill.

Image by Dainis Graveris
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