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Reconnecting with your sexual self


Whether you are single or in a relationship, it's imperative to build a healthy connection with your erotic self. Introducing sex toys and adult content can really help to heighten arousal and spark desire. They have long been a little taboo but has and is changing as women allow themselves to take control of their sexual journey. 


We are inherently sexual beings and our sexuality is based on how we understand ourselves. We get so caught up in our busy lives with work, stress and family pressures, we often forget about these little pleasures. For women, pregnancy and having children alters this relationship with yourself. Being connected with your sexual self helps you to realize your needs and desires. Each one of us has a sexual self and our body is a medium for us to best express our sexuality.

Image by Malvestida Magazine

Does age impact your sex life?

There's no doubt that ageing can impact how people experience and express their sexuality. There is no restriction as to having a healthy, rewarding sex life, no matter what age you might be. It's an emotional experience and intimacy is not limited to your age. To have a satisfying connection with your sexual self, it's highly recommended you stay fit. Take time out to seek self-pleasure through masturbation. If you are restricted by your physical limitations, don't be scared to make minor adjustments.


Ways to build an exciting relationship with your erotic self

If you are inspired to reconnect with your sexual self here are some expert-recommended ideas to try.


  • Focus on your senses and take notice of the little pleasures you experience. Not everything has to be sexual in nature. It could be something as simple as how your body felt during a warm water bath or how relaxing a good cup of coffee was.


  • Explore your fantasies and question yourself as to why they resonate with your inner desires. Everyone has their own erotic themes and fantasies. Understanding them better helps you express them with your partner. You could make them a part of your fun conversations and a way to gage your partner's interests too.


  • Take a break from your daily busy schedules, expectations and life pressures. Today, more than ever, we forget to explore new sexual activities and rarely find time to connect with ourselves. We get busy with work, family, friends and digital devices. Be open to switching up your regular sex routine to something fun and new. You may not reach orgasm right away, but the journey becomes a fun experience.


  • Stay healthy and start exercising. We are not asking you to rigorously work out. Instead, you could go for walks, jog or even meditate. The oxygenation improves your sexual pleasure and creates a bodily balance.


  • Re-sensitize your body and connect with your sexual self through masturbation. Whether you climax or not, you'll find sexual stimulation pleasurable and relaxing at the same time.


There's no harm in focusing on self-pleasure and connecting with your body. This not only improves your sex drive but also helps build a healthy relationship with your sexuality.

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