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The Myth that women don’t want sex as they age?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

With age, do women actually lose interest in sex? Or is that just a myth? Well, the truth is that sexual desires don't disappear as you age. Whether you are in your 20's or 40's, sexual health and wellness are important at every age. Sure, in your midlife sex may not be the same as in your 20's. So, we are going to explore further and break the popular myth about women and sex. Regardless of age, several researches has proven that the majority of women still consider sex as an important part of their lifestyle. Communication with your partner is crucial to have a pleasurable and fulfilling sexual experience. Continue reading as we are going to bust some sexual myths for women.

Myth: Sex goes downhill as they age.

Reality: Ask health practitioners and they'll tell you otherwise. To have a pleasurable sex life, women start making a conscious effort by setting aside time to be sensual and sexual with their partners. With good communication about your changing desires, your partner will be able to accommodate them both physically and emotionally.

Myth: Young women are more sexually attractive.

Reality: It's no fun to age but being confident about your looks and body will give you the much-desired glow. Although you may have aged in number, your key features are going to remain appealing as ever. As per a recent survey published in Modern Maturity magazine, it was indicated that their partners consider them physically attractive even as the age increases.

Myth: As you grow older, it's undignified to express your sexuality.

Reality: Not true! If you have been maintaining a healthy lifestyle, age is just a number. There are almost no challenges that can define your sexual desire because of age. The sexual health of older adults is as important as younger ones. Move away from the outdated stereotypes that define sex as an undignified act. It's alright to have a healthy sexual appetite amongst both genders.

Myth: Loss of ability to perform sexually as they age.

Reality: Both genders could have several health difficulties like vaginal dryness and erectile dysfunction. These physical changes are unavoidable, but they don't always translate into sexual problems. With little or minimal medical intervention, these health problems can be easily resolved. For women, vaginal lubricants and hormone creams could fix some of their concerns. Having health issues doesn't have to affect your sexual desire. Work with your partner and explore new and satisfying ways to enjoy lovemaking.

Myth: With lower libido and predictability, sex gets boring with age.

Reality: Your sexual health is directly proportional to your healthy lifestyle. Amongst women, they find their sexual confidence in the 30's and continues through 40's. Their orgasms become more intense and sex becomes a pleasurable experience. After menopause too, although some women may have minor health concerns like lower libido and vaginal dryness, they become worried free of pregnancy. Familiarity and predictability between long-term partners is an issue but, with emotional intimacy and experimentation, it becomes better.

Myth: Aging body isn't sexy

Reality: We have spoken about body confidence already. But we would like to reiterate that sexual desires are not just about your physical appearance. Perfect bodies are not the most essential consideration for having pleasurable sex. Have your confidence and pride intact and stop presuming about your appearance.

How does sex change with ageing?

With advancing age, it's normal that you may notice a decline in your sexual activity. Physical and emotional changes could impact your mind function. That doesn't mean that sex has to come to a complete pause. Certain tweaks and experiments in accordance with your changing body needs could help you get back to normal. Women complain about painful intercourse, it could be irritating, you may require mental preparation and orgasm may be delayed too. Hot flashes and vaginal dryness are also highlighted as health concerns that develop with age. Using water-based lubricants could help you ease up and make it more comfortable for you.

To cope with these physical and emotional changes, communication in relationships is imperative. Set aside time and communicate your desire. Be open and honest about what you are experiencing, both physically and emotionally. This will help you and your partner to come up with a plan to stay sensual and sexual together. If you are facing discomfort in sex due to decreased libido, talk to your health expert. Another way of achieving sexual desire is to change your intimacy strategies. More touch, time and talking could affect your changing sexuality. Connecting your mind and body could be challenging. Incorporating longer foreplay and physical stimulation could get you a satisfying encounter. Change your perception slightly and be open to trying out different sexual activities using toys and devices for more pleasure.

Don't let physical changes ruin your confidence and come in your way. Express your sexual desire and communicate with your partner. If you have health concerns, talk about it with your medical expert. Switching up your routine or trying out new experiences could do the magic for you. As long as you are willing to try, age can never destroy your sexual desire.

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