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How to improve your sex life 40?

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

From lower blood pressure to having a healthy relationship, you should not underestimate the importance of having sex as you grow older. As responsibilities increase and life moves at a faster pace, your love life may take a back seat. But that's not all, us women, we also have pre-menopausal hormones creating a havoc too. Both men and women have hormone fluctuations after the age of 40. Be it arousal, desire or comfort, your sexual activity is sure to be impacted. With some conscious effort, we can always overcome these challenges. It's imperative to put sex at the top of your priority list and make time for it. Although your body goes through several midlife changes, if the right actions can be taken you could avoid distress in your sexual relationship. Here are some tips to help you improve your sex drive after 40.

Tips to help improve sex drive

1. High blood pressure, sugar and cholesterol are common health concerns that can cause vascular problems which may directly impact your sexual activity. We must maintain a healthy lifestyle to improve your sexual life, especially after 40.

2. It's time to quit smoking. If you haven't already started, you must start taking care of your overall well-being in the '40s. Smoking can cause your libido to reduce and it can affect your sexual activity as well.

3. Communicate better, especially about your likes and dislikes. As you grow older together, some couple tends to stick to their usual monotonous sexual routine. It's time to try something new and reevaluate your intimacy routine. Communicate with your partner and be honest about your desires.

4. Want to keep your cortisol levels at bay? Try not to stress. Sounds nearly impossible. But if you are worried about your mental and sexual wellbeing after 40, learn to keep stress away from your bedroom. This not only helps you improve your libido levels but also gets your sex drive back on track.

5. Learn to accept and embrace the changes in your body. At 40, your body may start to change in appearance. So, focus on the now and get the necessary confidence about your body. Don't forget to encourage your partner to do the same.

6. Behind the closed doors, we all strive for greater sexual satisfaction. With a little mindfulness, your sex life could be a lot different and you'll be rewarded with higher self-esteem.

7. No matter what age you are at, it's important to look after your health and diet. Consume healthy fats to lower inflammation, blood pressure and cholesterol. That's not all, you must try and reduce added sugar from your diet for a better function of your arteries. When these improve, your sexual function automatically gets better.

8. Vitamin B to your rescue. Don't believe us? A recent study has revealed a direct correlation between low levels of sexual function and low levels of folic acid (vitamin B9). Be sure to add dark leafy vegetables and beans to your diet plan. This will help you stay healthy and get the desired dose of Vitamin B9.

9. Due to lower levels of estrogen, vaginal tissues tend to become drier for women. With age, the tissue gets thin and dry. Estrogen is important to function properly and sex becomes very painful.

10. If you are worried about sex taking a toll after 40, you may want to consider counselling too. Lower libido and other sexual concerns are common as you grow older. Having the emotional component addressed could avoid several sexual problems with your partner.

Now that we have given you some tips, here are a few things no one tells you about sexual intimacy after the age of 40.

Firstly, know that the risk of sexually transmitted infections is higher because of the thinning skin around your genital area. Secondly, if you are consuming antidepressants, they can hinder your sex drive and the ability to orgasm. Talk to your consulting doctor and check for alternatives.

Sex therapy is highly effective to break bad habits and improve your sexual performance. If not intercourse, try other forms of intimacy. Sexual life is all about exploring different avenues that open up to pleasure. If your sexual routine is getting mundane, we highly recommend you to connect with your partner and enjoy a pleasurable experience. Children, career, and finances could all stress you out. But, let those factors not interfere with the relationship you have with your partner. Couple trips, conversations over a cup of coffee, lunch dates are ways to keep your personal life spiced up. Sex is an important factor for the majority of women in a successful and happy relationship.

We could always make simple adjustments to help improve our sex life, no matter what age we are at. With some effort, physical intimacy can feel as satisfying as ever. Sexual desire can fluctuate amongst couples, the important part is being able to communicate your desire with your partner. Keep the curiosity alive and reduce your reliance on porn. Let age be just a number and not stop you from experiencing intimacy. There's no doubt that change can be challenging, and ageing is no exception. Being experimental and communicating better can get you and your partner to achieve deeper, richer eroticism.

Are you in a relationship?

Are you suffering from intimacy issues or performance issues? Think about the connection that general physical fitness has to looking and feeling better. Also in addition to the general overall feeling of wellbeing you will have a feeling of renewed energy. Feeling and looking better means a more positive self body image. If you feel good and confident about yourself this will have a huge impact on how you behave within your relationship. You will feel empowered and this can positively effect the negative issues you are facing in your life behind closed doors.

So how fit is fit?

Well you need to move, but we are not talking about 24hr fitness, we are talking about balanced, focused, moderate exercise. Regular moderate exercise will help with anxiety, depression, it strengthens your muscles, makes you stronger, helps you sleep. What else can it do? Exercise helps with blood flow and increased blood flow to your private areas. We all know that exercise is a big .part of better general health, but do we know how positive it is for our private lives. If we knew it could have positive effects on our personal life maybe we would be more willing to get active!

A positive relationship with your body

If you have a positive relationship with your body, it will raise your self esteem. If you feel more confident in yourself you will probably feel better in your relationship. The positive benefits we could list are endless. An intimate relationship with a partner is a full body experience. As stronger mind-body connection will lead to a better relationship with yourself and in turn your partner.

Comfortable and happy in your body

It makes sense that if you are happier and more comfortable in your body you are going to project a more positive self in your personal life. In turn this will have a positive effect on your partner. Positivity breeds positivity. If you are more comfortable and happier in your body this is going to have a knock on effect in a relationship. Men's and women's health so intertwined with overall general health, why do we ignore it? There always seems to be an excuse. We are not talking about excessive exercise. No, you don’t need to overdo it. We are talking about balance, look after yourself and look after your relationship, support your wellness. Learn as with everything in life, balance is everything.

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