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Female Friendly Erotica

Updated: Dec 5, 2022

Erotica is not just limited to fan fiction and Hollywood movies, there are many different ways to consume erotica. They could be short stories, books, art and even sexuall stimulating videos. Any form of content that is sexually arousing but not extremely pornographic in nature is considered to be erotica. Now, those terms could mean different things to different people. There's actually a fine line between erotica and pornographic content. As sexual content is evolving online, there's a lot of female-friendly pornographic and erotic content ,created and produced by women.

If we had to summarize, we would say that erotica consists of stories of different genres that could arouse you and tickle your sexual fantasy. For most women, erotica is often considered to be the first point of sexual exploration. One of the key benefits of enjoying erotica is that it is a great stress reliever (besides the fact that it could also give you a long-lasting orgasm). If you are looking for some exotic erotica online, we have some incredible recommendations to get you started.

Best online sites for female-friendly erotica

Now that we have got your attention, we'll save you some google research as well. Here, we have curated a special list of websites that promote female friendly erotica. It's totally worth opening up your incognito tab.

Sugar Butch Chronicles

This is the perfect place to find quirky and kinky sexual content. From well-written poetries to dirty stories to capture your attention, there are several enticing forms of content available on Sugar Butch Chronicles. This award-winning sex blog from Sinclair Sexsmith is hands down one of the best websites for female friendly erotica.

Remittance Girl

If you are looking for online content related to bondage, age play, dominance, and more kinks, this is definitely one of the most interesting websites to go for. Remittance girls are all about erotic fiction. They have a huge collection of short stories, series and novels that could leave you breathless. There's flavourful content to satisfy every taste.

Erotic Review

As an aspiring erotic content writer, you may be looking for some inspiration. Erotic Review magazine is an interesting website for those looking to enjoy high-quality content. Interestingly, this website is also a great place to learn how to write enticing erotica. They have an incredible editorial team that reviews every submitted work before being published. What's more interesting is that this website is absolutely free to browse.


As one of the oldest BDSM fiction sites, BDSM Cafe has garnered interest from women over the last twenty years. This website has a strong fan following for the kinkiest content online. From group sex to female dominance, the content on this website is both kinky and curious. Over the years, they have built an extensive resources section that includes a novels tab and a beginner's guide to BDSM.

Novel Trove

Whether you are a fan of Fetish & Kink reads or Erotic Sci-Fi, Novel Trove has an incredible collection of erotic stories. Depending on your interest, their website is divided into several categories that you could choose from.


This is one of our top recommendations for those seeking female-friendly erotic content online. As a classic website, Literotica contains a comprehensive collection of erotic stories and videos. Just to put things in perspective, they have a selection of 16,000 different stories only on fetishes and over 11,000 stories about gender-play. With such a wide range of selection, it's not going to be easy to find a story to get started on. Hence, we recommend you stick to the top-list of the most popular stories on the site.


Bellesa is undoubtedly one of the topmost recommended websites for 'woman-friendly' video porn. if you are a fan of erotica, browse through their collection and you are sure to find something interesting to your taste on this website. They definitely have one of the most inclusive erotica offerings online for women that is both tasteful and sensual.

Aural Honey

As a fan of audio erotica, aural honey must be on your list of favorites. This website is absolutely free to use and has some spectacular erotic audio content to capture your attention. Listen to the narration in breathy voices about people having sex and talking about it. If this doesn't leave you aroused, nothing else will. Aural Honey tops our list of female-friendly erotic content.

Take sexual exploration to another level with erotic stories. While these are just some of our top recommended websites for you, there's still more. Lush stories, nifty, erotic audio by, Dipsea and Bookrix are some more websites you could explore if you are looking for women-friendly erotic content online. Remember, there is no shame in giving in to your sexual fantasies and exploring it further.

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