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The Truth About Pregnancy and Birth

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This is the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Mel's experience with her 2 pregnancies and births. What is the hardest part about pregnancy and birth? Pregnancy and birth are different for everyone. We talk about expectations versus reality, which differ considerably! What is it like to have a baby? What is the truth about pregnancy and birth Mel doesn't sugar coat the pain! Her description is terrifying but hilarious.There are some stories that seem funny now but not at the time! The bathtub almost going through her kitchen ceiling while having contractions with her first pregnancy being one!

The Experience of Pregnancy and Birth

Mel had her 2 girls in 2 different countries.The experience of pregnancy and birth was very different in the UK and Switzerland. Suzie asks Mel about the negative, the positive and how she knew what to do. The answer is there is no playbook for having children, you figure it out as you go along. Are there things you can figure out first? Is there a perfect age or time to have a baby? What if you don't want a baby?

Mel shares her truth

Mel shares her truth, the good and the bad. She always wanted children but that does not mean that pregnancy or birth went according to plan. Her first birth was very traumatic, but she had a beautiful baby girl. Mel knows that some women want kids and some don't and she feels that you should not be pressured, you should be able to make that choice. Having a baby is "huge" chapter in your life and will change your life and although you are never really prepared you have to want it.

Suzie and Mel talk about post natal depression and how incredibly hard that is. There is so much guilt and we still don't talk about it enough. If you feel differently to the way you think you should or how society feels you should feel about being a mother, you judge yourself and others judge you!

Pregnancy and Birth

Mel's children are the light or her life, having children has helped her heal from her own traumatic childhood. She still recognizes that it's hard and not for every woman. Motherhood is not universal to women, although society seems to perceive that to be a whole woman you have to be a mother. There seems little regard for whether you want to be a mother of not.

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