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The Truth About Sexting And Self- Esteem

Sexting and self-esteem article by

Updated: Feb 1

This is the Mel and Suzie's truth about their own sexting experiences and the good and bad consequences that can come from sending a sexy picture. Does it help with self-esteem or not? Is it a good idea and how much thought do you have to give it?

This episode is the hilarious conversation between "posh" British Mel and her inability to talk dirty and Suzie's love for it. The question though is who knows more about what all the emojis mean in the language of love? Generation X and sexting For Mel, perhaps this is a generational thing. Generation X obviously did not grow up with iPhones. When her generation was discovering sex they didn't have mobile phones. Does this shape her feelings about sexting and self-esteem? Maybe a little, but her concern is about a woman owning her own image. Once intimate photos leave your phone you can no longer control where they go. Now Mel is a realist, she knows you give people a phone and they will communciate in any way they can. Her main point is make sure you trust the person on the other end of your sext! What do you Millenials think about sexting? Suzie is less worried than Mel. She loves to sext! Mel and Suzie chat about the realities of making sure you trust the other person and some of the steps you can take. They also laugh as they always do at the potential pitfalls. Pressing send and realizing you have sent it the family group chat!! Or forgetting you have sexy pics on your phone when you have handed it to you someone to look at your vacation photos! The episode is as always hilarious, Mel and Suzie sharing their stories and thoughts from their different generational perspectives. Don't miss it Listen here >> Episode about The Truth About Sexting and Self-Esteem

Mel's FACTS! 1) In Canada the law says that even if both parties are under the age of 18 sexting is illegal. Those under 18 who engage in sexting could be found guilty of child pornography-related offences under section 163.1 of the Criminal Code. It is indredibly serious. 2) The Ontario Women's Justice Network says that ,"Sharing a sexual/intimate image of yourself or someone else can have big impacts "

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